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    Lorenzon_Australian Scene

    Dr. Matthew Lorenzon, Monash University, Melbourne

    45 min job perspective: Cultural Journalism - The Australian scene

    Vortrag in der Ringvorlesung "Perspektiven für Geisteswissenschaftler" am Donnerstag, 15.12.16, 12:15 HS 0.001, Z6

    Even a niche area of cultural journalism such as "contemporary music in Australia" can open doors and feed into a variety of professional activities. In this talk I explain the importance of creating markets in Cultural Journalism and how academic and journalistic writing can be mutually enriching practices. I will also give an insider's view of the Australian cultural job market with its many benefits and pitfalls.

    Cultural Journalism in the atmosphere

    Workshop am Freitag, 16.12.16, 10:00 bis 14:00 Uhr Sprachen- und Didaktikzentrum R. 1.034 (Anmeldung unter: https://www-sbhome1.zv.uni-wuerzburg.de/qisserver/rds?state=verpublish&status=init&vmfile=no&moduleCall=webInfo&publishConfFile=webInfo&publishSubDir=veranstaltung&veranstaltung.veranstid=173619&purge=y&topitem=lectures&subitem=editlecture&asi=tXEGwIADLFex3kQuN0yu

    Given the internationalization of the arts today, readers in English-speaking countries are just as interested in learning about events in Germany as in their own back yard. Writing in English can open your expertise to a broad market, benefiting not only yourself, but the creatives with which you engage. This half-day workshop will cover the basics of cultural journalism in English including form, tone, and pitching your writing to publications. Some practical exercises will be included and workshopped in an open and non-judgemental setting.

    Our guest lecturer is Dr. Matthew Lorenzon from Monash University, Melbourne.