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IMS vol. 19

IMS vol. 19

Bernhard Hanneken & Tiago de Oliveira Pinto (Eds): Mambo Moto Moto. Music in Tanzania Today. (INTERCULTURAL MUSIC STUDIES vol. 19, ed. by Max Peter Baumann and Ralf Martin Jäger. A Series of the Department of Ethnomusicology, Institute for Music Research, Julius-Maximilian University of Würzburg). VWB—Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung. Berlin 2016. – 229 pp.; with an 80-minute DVD containing, among other items, the film With the Drums in Their Luggage. ISBN 978-3-86135-650-9. ISSN 1435-5590.


Looking at the music of present-day Tanzania opens a broad range of perspectives on a multitude of forms of expressions that require a particularly large pluralism of methods. As cooperation und locally added values are no longer blocked out of international musical and cultural activities, the question must be raised how a contemporary musicology may be shaped under these new pretexts. The papers in this volume are vivid proof that also social, historic, commercial, political and other connotations are of interest. Mambo Moto Moto means something like “hot stuff”—a description that is certainly not amiss when talking about the traditional and contemporary music of Tanzania. Ten contributions deal with musical culture and practice in Tanzania, from the vocal polyphony of the Wagogo women (Gerhard Kubik, Philip Küpers and Kedmon Mapana) to traditional and religious music on Zanzibar and along the Swahili coast (Hildegard Kiel, Aisha Othman), from urban trends (Kelly Askew, Werner Graebner) to the music of the quartet Wamwiduka as an example for transcultural musical processes (Tiago de Oliveira Pinto), and from questions of cultural education (Mitchel Strumpf, Kedmon Mapana) to practical aspects of preserving the treasures of Radio Tanzania (David Tinning). These deeply interesting texts offer a view on music in Tanzania that goes far beyond conventional volumes in musicology as it includes research, inventory, didactic aspects and presentations of projects in equal measure. An 80-minute DVD contains the film With the Drums in Their Luggage about the journey of the Ufunuo Muheme Group from their home village in Central Tanzania to Rudolstadt and Weimar in Germany in July 2014. The disc also includes live footage from the bands Dogo Dogo Stars, Jagwa Music, Segere Original, and Wamwiduka.




TIAGO DE OLIVEIRA PINTO African Music In and Out of Africa. A Transcultural Approach 11

GERHARD KUBIK The Gogo Tonal-Harmonic System  23


KELLY ASKEW Neosocialist Moralities versus Neoliberal Religiousities. Constructing Musical Publics in 21st Century Tanzania 61

WERNER GRAEBNER Other Flavas from Bongo: Mchiriku, Segere & Baikoko—A Look at Alternative Musical Expression in Dar es Salaam 75

HILDEGARD KIEL Love, Grief and the Sea 97

AISHA OTHMAN Maulidi Ceremonies in Zanzibar 113

MITCHEL STRUMPF Different Approaches to Music Education in East Africa. The Past One-Hundred Years 151

KEDMON E. MAPANA Arts in Education. What Do Tanzanians Need to Know?  171

DAVID TINNING Reviving the Radio Tanzania Archives  195

Mambo Moto Moto at TFF Rudolstadt 2014 (4-colour plates)  207

The Authors  217

Content of DVD  221

Index  227